ReadyFire™ Electric Detonators -

Our Story

Early 2019, PMR Global under the leadership of John Rymell saw a flaw in a detonator market eager for diversification and consistent reliability. Together with his product development director they set out on a journey to improve upon what the market offered. David Sciuto traveled oversees frequently to help develop an electronic detonator that was superior to the ancient design being heavily used at the time. A redesigned fuse head, advanced core stamping structure, patented double seal, zero tolerance voids, and a superior double insulated wire (IgniteRite™) were just a few of the advanced features that would evolve into the R-140 S ™.

Unmatched consistency you can count on!

ReadyFire™ Detonators are now being used by some of the leading companies in Wireline.  Discerning operations are making the change to ReadyFire™ because the option out of South America as well as US and Czech have continued to become unreliable as well as impossible to keep in stock.

We are happy to offer introductory pricing on your initial order, so you can get locked in to the hottest deto on the market, ReadyFire™.

RDX and HMX available upon request (MOQ TBD)

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