USA - Global Exeeding Standards in Manufacturing


ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100D

Petro - Mil / Aerospace - Medical - Commercial

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  • SHIELD360 ™Hand Armor. Harsh environments deserve extreme protection

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ISO Certified Machine Shop

We have invested in top of the line US made HAAS CNC machines for our ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100D machine shop. More importantly is our experienced technicians, as a machine is only as good as the people programming and operating it.

ISO Certified Electronics Lab

Providing full electronics manufacturing and electronics solutions to our customers in the Petrochemical, Aerospace, Commercial and other industries. Fully automated test equipment capable of a wide range of electrical parameters to meet our customers' needs including a ESD wokspace.

Quality Control Professionals

At the center of any good quality program is the adherence to a quality control system such as the ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100D processes. At PMR Global we recognize the importance of our supply chain and 3rd party processors in our Quality Management system.


Our primary focus markets consist of Petrochemical, Commercial, Medical, Defense, and Aerospace. While supplying and manufacturing the highest quality products available in the USA, we also have a mature international infrastructure which allows us to simplify imports. 


Shield360™ Hand Armor

Shield360™ Hand Armor - "Designed By Oil and Gas, for Oil and Gas". David Sciuto Director R&D, Safety, Technical Sales

Extreme environments demand specific features focused on protecting those brave enough to safely extract some of the earths elements needed for survival. While not compromising the need for comfort and dexterity, we are progressively adapting specialized materials that protect against Cut, Abrasion, Tear, and Puncture.  

IgniteRite™ Performance Wire and Connectors

IgniteRite™, the new standard in specialty wire and custom cable.

Consistent activation is the core value behind our new line of products. The safety of each technician is also a focus that we dedicate all of our resources to. IgniteRite™ never compromise's structural integrity for a cheaper solution. Our customers need for safety and the reduction of damaged wires has led us to the development of a world class line of products.

ReadyFire™ Electric Detonators are crafted to provide consistent detonation when you need it most. Designed with the most advanced internal components available on the market today. Accuracy and reliability is our main focus with the ReadyFire™ series. Cheap detonators only result in more failures, less profit, and a dangerous work environment.