PMR Global, Inc. provides its customers with a variety of Defense, Aerospace, and Satcom kitting services. Our temperature controlled facility provides protection and assures quality as we streamline the flow of components to our customers assembly lines or in-field applications. Our "solutions simplified" approach is designed to meet our customers every changing needs.

PMR Global, Inc. also provides manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution per our customers specifications. Our in-house kitting services simplify the assembly process, allowing our customers to enjoy the benefits of reduced inventory, fewer suppliers, and reduced floor space.

Formally known as Cordova Corporation, which was established in 1978, was created as a stocking distributor for springs & stampings for the Military and Aerospace industries. In 2012, Corodova Corporation was sold to PMR Global, Inc. and began operating as an independent division of PMR Global, Inc.

Distribution Services
PMR delivers value-added service to our customers with our technologically advanced ISO 9001-2008 and AS9100C certified distribution center located in Burleson, Texas.

Over the years, we have steadily increased our product lines and now support the following commodities:

Electronic Capabilities
• Contract manufacturer of electronic and electromagnetic assemblies and sub assemblies
• System integration
• Chassis construction and wiring
• Component staking and conformal coating
• Environmentally programmable temp chamber -73c thru 300c
• Test and rework
• Nitrogen controlled dry box
• Certified IPC-A-610 high temperature soldering
• Lab fully compliant to ESD standards

Mechanical Items:
• Springs                                        • Stampings
• Wire Forms                                  • Clips
• Rivets                                          • Fittings
• Machine Parts                             • Molded Plastic & Rubber Parts
• Corks                                          • Caplugs
• Metal Caps                                  • Shims
• Fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc.)