PCB and PCB Assembly

PCB and PCB Assembly.

PMR is proud to represent Firan Technology Group, as a leading North American manufacturer of high technology printed circuit boards and precision illuminated display systems.

FTG has manufactured complex mil-spec and specialty printed circuit boards for the Telecom, Medical, Avionics, Military and Advanced Test markets for over three decades. FTG's commitment to innovation and one-on-one partnering assures you the level of service and quality you want, while quick-turn prototype and production runs guarantee on-time delivery.

PMR and FTG work closely with the end user to come up with a solution to fit their needs.

FTG offers the widest range of products and services in the Printed Circuit Board Industry. High Layer counts, HDI Technology, Controlled and Reliable Process Technology in a QTA through medium volume environment. Please see below to get an idea of what FTG can do.

Product Offering
• Engineering Services:
- DFM review & net list compare
- Impedance calculations & stackup review
- BGA channel routing (licensed)
• Microvia technology (YAG laser)
• Buried capacitance (licensed)
• Blind & buried via's
• Multilayer boards up to 44 layers
• Conductive filled vias (CB100)
• Custom milling (edge and internal)
• Cavity boards
• Metal core constructions (CMC, CIC, copper, aluminum)
• Multiple sequential laminations
• Tented, filled and flush plugged via's
• Differential and controlled impedance
• Embedded filters and inductors
• Design assistance and 3D modeling
• Mixed dielectric (hybrid) boards
• Controlled depth drilling
• Buried resistor layers
• Performance testing
• Back Drilling
• Back Planes


High Tg FR4
• Isola
• Nelco
• Matsushita

High Speed
• Isola IS620
• Nelco 4000/13 and (SI)
• G Tek
• Matsushita Megtron
• Isola IS408
• Rogers 4003 and 4350

Specialty Substrates
• Polyimide
• BT Resin
• Arlon 25N, 45N, CLTE, NK46
• Thermagon
• Berquist
• Thermount
• TMM 10 and 10.1
•Teflon/Duroid - 3000 and 6000 series
• Heat Sink fabrication and lamination
(both alodined and anodized finish)
• Copper invar copper
• Copper moly copper
• CAF resistant

Flexible circuits

Rigid flex circuits
Surface Finishes
• Hot air solder leveling (HASL)
• Hot oil fuse
• Electrolytic nickel/gold
• Electroless nickel/gold (ENIG)
• Immersion silver
• Immersion white tin
• OSP (Entek 106A)
• Soft wire bondable gold
• Hard gold
• Nickel/Palladiium/gold
• Fused tin lead
• TAB gold

Solder Mask
• Taiyo PSR4000BN
• Enthone DSR 3241 and 3300 BR
• Conformask dry film
• Dupont Vacrel dry film
• Dynamask

• MIL-PRF-55110
• ISO-9001:2000
• AS9100B
• Bellcore TWR-000078 compliant
• UL recognized 94V-0
• Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA)
• ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000
• MIL-PRF-31032